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A guide will drive you in one of our vehicles to the artsy small town of Omaruru where we will take in some history, with the first stop being the Franke Tower. Declared a monument in 1963, it reminds us of when this was a war-torn country and honours Captain Victor Franke for his efforts in relieving the besieged town from attack. 

We will continue on to visit some of the local crafters to view their talented creations and purchase the work that brings them much-needed income through tourism. There will be a stop at a winery to sample some of the locally made beverages, a true feat in this dry country and with some spectacular results. Finally, a stop at the only manufacturers of the unique root carvings will bring our tour to a close.

We will be back at Erongo Wild in time for a light lunch.

Start: 08:30 from reception.

Duration: Approximately 4 hours. 

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