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This immersive experience allows you into the heart of the local Bushmen tribe, the Ju/’Hoansi San. They will show you the old ways of hunting and gathering, and their traditional lifestyle that has been maintained for thousands of years. 

There are two options to choose from on this tour: 

The first is a guided walk through the bushveld during which your guides will advise on the local plants and their medicinal purposes, as well as what is edible. You will visit another cave with Bushmen paintings, before returning to the village. A traditional hunt can also be joined. 

The second is to stay and experience life in the village. You can help make jewellery, medicine, and bows and arrows, and interaction is encouraged. A highlight of the outing is the display of dancing and ancient rituals – but also the games that will bring a laugh bubbling up. You will be back at the lodge in time for lunch. 

Start: 08:00, after breakfast.

Duration: Approximately 4 hours.

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